JW Speaker: 8910 DOT/ECE RHT Heated (Black)
JW Speaker: 8910 DOT/ECE RHT Heated (Black)
JW Speaker: 8910 DOT/ECE RHT Heated (Black)
JW Speaker: 8910 DOT/ECE RHT Heated (Black)
JW Speaker: 8910 DOT/ECE RHT Heated (Black)


JW Speaker: 8910 DOT/ECE RHT Heated (Black)

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The 8910 Evolution 2 provides a high performance 5 x7in LED headlight, available with a SmartHeat heated lens and Dual Burn technology!

The 8910 Evolution 2 heated LED headlights provide a high performance safety solution with improved light output, and glare reduction, and are now available with SmartHeat heated lenses!

Features: Dual Burn high beam optics for extra punch of light, Available with SmartHeat Technology that automatically de-ices headlight according to ambient temperature, Meets proposed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines for a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam headlight, Drop-in replacement heated LED headlights for typical buckets/panels used in heavy-duty trucks, Tough, die-cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens, with added protection from salt spray for efficient thermal management, Superior condensation management, Street legal supporting DOT, Transport Canada ECE and Military standards & requirements, Also available in a non-heated version (Model 8900 Evolution 2).

5-Star NCAP-compliant Technology: The Model 8910 Evolution 2 will exceed the proposed FMVSS 108 standard in at least these three criteria, meeting 5-Star compliance: 1. Light output, measured in lux, 2. Beam pattern, resulting in minimal glare, 3. Light placement, as dictated by mounting locations prescribed for vehicles.

Dual Burn Technology:Not your average high beam! Dual Burn technology goes beyond the average high beam pattern with a three-part beam pattern designed to help people see better and stay safe. Read more.

SmartHeat Heating System:This heated LED headlight : Model 8910 Evolution 2 features a thermally conductive grid system that will de-ice the lens up to twice as fast as other lights. This intelligent system reacts to temperature changes on a real-time basis with no action required by the driver.

Installation:Red Wire is for ECE (Front Position) lights only. Front position light is a requirement outside of North America. If your vehicle is operated in North America, you do not need to connect this wire unless your vehicle is equipped with a front position light.

Street legal supporting DOT, ECE and Military standards:DOT versions are for use in the U.S. DOT-compliant guarantees that your lights are legal on the road, meeting section 108 requirements of the Federal Motor Safety Standards. Your DOT-compliance is clearly etched on the lens of the light. ECE versions are for use outside of the U.S. ECE-compliant guarantees your lights are compliant in the European Union and in non-European countries that have adopted ECE Regulations for visibility, durability, and reliability.

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